Monday, February 1, 2010

Rep. Bishop: You're a jerk. And a hypocrite.

Who knew that politicians were not beholden to their principals?

From The Standard Examiner:

Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, whose district covers most of ATK's Utah employees, said Thursday that he hasn't seen Obama's budget yet to confirm the story, "but I have seen three very credible sources" that said the same thing.

"With this administration, their specific effort is to cut the crap out of the defense program, and what we're hearing from Florida is that (the NASA cut) will be an item in Monday's budget," Bishop said.

"Obviously, I don't agree this is the right direction. They'll basically be gutting our space program and coming up with a commercial alternative. It will be devastating."

Wait a minute... Bishop is a Republican. So, shouldn't he be *for* the commercialization of a nationalized system made large under Kennedy? Shouldn't he be for the reductions in regulation that will occur to make commercial space flights legal? If Bush had done this, it would be making our nation strong, by using our core values of capitalism and entrepreneurship to create high-skilled jobs and improve the quality of life for all Americans by getting government out of the way of business.

But Obama did it. That's where Obama went wrong. If only he were not himself.

Bishop, you're a jerk. And a hypocrite. If you were half the Republican you claim to be, you would be on the phone with SpaceX, Bigelow Aerospace, and Virgin Galactic trying to entice them into your district. But instead you're a glorified welfare queen crying because Uncle Sam cut you out. Boohoo.

So let me ask you: is government still part of the problem? Or part of the solution?


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